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iHockeyTrainer PROMO Here is a brief look at what our site has to offer. We show you how to work on your skills & take your game to the next level.
What are some of the mistakes a player makes in hockey when taking a slapshot? This video will show you some of biggest problem kids make when trying to take a slapshot. This demonstration video is great for educating players, parents, and coaches about the finer points of hockey.
What is a good drill to practice puck control and cardiovascular shape at the same time? This iHockeyTrainer video is a good demonstration of how a hockey player can better their skills in these two key areas at the same time.
iHockeyTrainer Shows you how to become a better ice hockey skater. This drill emphasizes the importance of stride development to increase speed, power and balance. Follow the steps outlined by professional players in this video. Practice regularly for 5-15 minutes.
Goal Scoring: iHockeyTrainer shows you a drill to improve your goal scoring skills. This fun exercise can be done by any layer, at any age or skill level. Follow the steps and advice from our pros to take your game to the next level.
iHockey Tips to Develop Skills How to use different balls to add & variation difficulty to your hockey drills from your own home.
Hockey Skating Stride Lesson Part 2 of 2 iHockeyTrainer helps young players to understand proper technique to develop a long & powerful stride on the ice. Learn from the pros by noting the mistakes & weaknesses.
Skating Stride Lesson Part 1 of 2 See how our pros can interact & help you improve your skills to become a better hockey player through expert analysis.
OMHA Parade of Champions Part 1 iHockey Trainer Challenge. How to do the exercise properly to help your on ice skill.
VBlog - May 25 NHL 2011 Playoff Trends Tips & Advice on pro hockey and how to succeed at the next level.
OMHA Parade of Champions Part 2 iHockey Trainer 30 second Skill Challenge. Great exercise for balance, stic handling, strength, focus & more.
Look at the iHockey Trainer video & see how you can practice your skating, stick handling, passing, shooting strength & conditioning. Best School for tips & advice.
What hockey 'term' is the most over-used today??>
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