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iHockey Trainer Blog - March - News & Notes - Playoffs, Try Outs, Season Analysis - Canada, USA, Europe
Minor Hockey - Most minor hockey season have come to an end.  This is a good time for families to take a small breather & get away from the rinks...and for some players catch up on some school work.
A great exercise for a player & family is to make a small year assessment.  Ask yourselves...
  • What was the best memory this year?
  • What would we rather forget?
  • Did we achieve our goals?
  • How much have I improved?
  • What have I learned about myself & the game of hockey?
  • What would I like to change for upcoming seasons?
Try Outs & Spring Hockey lie just around the corner.  
Stay in shape by skating at least twice a week and doing off ice skill work for about 2 hours a week.
Hockey News & Notes
  • Matt Cooke - NHL finally lays down the law for a deliberate head-shot and punished the Penguin forward for 10 games & a round of playoffs.  Penalties will get stiffer as the NHL, players & fans become more aware of the damages of blows to the head.  Pretty ironic as Penguins Owner Mario Lemieux spoke out last month about the violent state of the game.
  • Promotions-  The Bakersfield Condors of the ECHL had a pretty interesting PR scheme.  Charlie Sheen Night ...FREE entry to anyone who submits a clean drug test.  Charlotte Checkers (AHL) draw another big crowd & raise alot of money for breast cancer research with their annual 'Pink at the Rink' promotion.
  • Lecavalier & Subban - NHL veterans are getting a little frustrated by the Canadians youngster who takes extra liberties with his stick and doesn't fight.  Time for the Habs veterans to step in and set a precedent to keep respect within the game.  You would have never seen these actions 10 years ago from a young player entering the league. Click Here to Watch the exchange in Montreal.
  • NHL - Western conference is extremely tight down to the last 10 games of the season. Anaheim, Calgary, Dallas, Nashville, Los Angelas & Chicago all remain within 4 points of each other to remain in the the playoffs.
  • Washington - Ovechkin & Co. have been on fire and seem to have found a balance with being responsible on both sides of teh puck and now contend for top spot in the conference.  Will be interesting to see how they fair in the post season.
  • iHockeyTrainer- New Poll posted on Homepage: What makes Sydney Crosby great???

Continue to learn and develop your skills.

Enjoy the Sun as it comes out from hiding.


Get Better Every Day,  iHockeyTrainer.com


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