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Frequently Asked Questions about the best Online Hockey School, Learn from the Pros to develop & train your skills

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Why should I become a member?  What is included with my Membership?


Members will have the priveledge of having full access to all the content contained within the site.  Members will get access to training, and expert advice. The site is designed to give its’ members a daily training regimen to better their skills in fun, innovative, educational and challenging ways.  Content will be consistently updated and added.  Most of the content is intended to be done in driveways, schoolyards, homes, and parks to allow users to get better even when not on the ice.

Members will be able to view and use:

  • Video Blogs and Blogs
  • Contests and Challenges
  • Tips
  • Drills
  • Training Routine with Daily Calendar
  • Expert Advice From Players, Scouts, Coaches, Agents, & Others
  • Get Valued feedback from the iHockeyTrainer team
  • Giveaways    

2.  What is the best way to use the site?

The best way to use the site is to login into your account every day.  Check the calendar and see what drills, tips, videos and blogs have been added for the day, and begin practicing.  If you happen to miss a day or two in the program, don’t worry about it.  As you will be able to back in the calendar for up to two weeks and pick up some of the content you may have missed. Members can access their accounts wherever they can access the internet.    

3.  What is the difference between iHockeyTrainer.com and traditional hockey schools?

IHockeyTrainer  is meant to serve as a compliment to traditional hockey schools.  However, iHockeyTrainer differs in many key ways

  • Low in Cost
  • A Daily Program that runs all year long
  • Advice from many Experienced Pros that play at high levels in the game of hockey such as NHL, AHL, OHL, and Europe
  • Specialized areas of skills, such as shooting, stickhandling, defence, footwork,  scoring, skating,
  • Comprehensive program, that includes on-ice, dryland, strength, conditioning, skills, scouts, mental approach,game tactics, agents, coaches, equipment to give players, parents and coaches valued eduction of the sport
  • No long drives to hockey rinks
  • A school that you can do at your home and on your own time through the internet
  • No waiting lines to do drills
  • Every player will be able to do the drills at their own skill level
  • World wide community that will continue to grow and develop
  • Proven diverse training techniques from many geographical areas of the hockey world (Canada, USA, Sweden,   Russia, Switzerland, Finland, Germany)  

4.  How do I use the calendar and my daily plan?

In order to get the full value of the website, members are encouraged to log into their accounts daily.  Click onto the calendar icon.  Today’s date will be highlighted.  Click onto the day, and receive the suggested training and advice for the day.  Go and practice.  You will be allowed to go back a few days, in case you have missed a few.  

5.  Why does dry land training make a player better?

First, and foremost, unlike an ice surface, dry land (including parks, tennis courts, basketballs courts, basements, driveways) is easy to access, and is free.  This allows players to train and develop their skills daily at their own convenience.  European players for years have been training the essential skills of shooting, stickhandling, skating, passing, footwork, conditioning, balance, in various dry land exercises and have developed some of the NHL’s premier talent.  The dry land drills tend to add difficulty and allow the players to make adjustments in their game to take advantage of on-ice opportunities once they arise.  

6.  What do I need to have to use the site?

Many of the tools needed to use the site can be purchased at sports stores or variety stores such as Walmart, or even the Dollar Store.  To use the site to its fullest iHockeyTrainer suggests that members have:

  • Good Running Shoes
  • Hockey Gloves
  • 6 hockey Sticks (some will be used as obstacles)
  • Tennis Balls
  • Road Hockey Balls
  • Golf Balls
  • Other Balls (rubber, Lacrosse Balls, Reaction Balls)
  • Pylons
  • Hockey Net (Anything that can serve as a net)
  • 20 Hockey pucks
  • Bucket
  • Hockey Tape
  • Chalk                                    

You do not need all of these tools to start using the site.  Just keep an eye out for the missing items when you are out and about.  

7.  Why should I use different balls when doing the drills?

Each ball varies in weight, size, bounce, and texture.  By using different balls you are challenging your skills to get better.  Each ball has a different emphasis.  For example the small rubber balls require greater control by using ‘softer’ hands, while the heavier balls make your forearms/wrists stronger. The puck gliding on ice feels really easy after mastering the iHockeyTrainer drills using the variuos balls.  

8.  How do I become a member?

Simply click on the ‘sign up’ icon on the home page.  Follow the steps, and fill out all required fields.  A valid credit card will be needed to complete registration.  Once you have completed the process, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your account to confirm membership.  

9.  I am having trouble logging into my account, what should I do?    If you are having trouble logging into to your iHockeyTrainer account, contact administration immediately at Administrator@iHockeyTrainer.com  and we will remedy the problem as soon as possible. 

10.  How do I use a Coupon or Promotional Code?

In order to use a code you must become a member by using our 'Subscription Page'.  Inside the box marked: Coupon Code, use the appropriate code.  You will need a credit card to create an account.  Once our servers recognize your code, your credit card will be fully reimbursed for the offer (or dollar amount specified.

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