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How To Best Use the Site

Create an Account

In creating an account you will get a personal iHockeyTrainer ID and password.  Be sure to check the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Disclaimer before getting an account.

Log Into Your Account Daily

Each day your interactive program calendar will suggest drills/exercises for you to do.  By checking daily, you will also notice all the new tips, blogs, interviews, contests, challenges and promotions as they are posted.  This will give you full opportunity to interact with the site to its fullest.

Have on Hand

To start doing the suggested drills and exercises, try to have the following equipment available to use

-      A Good Working Computer with Internet Access

-       Good Running Shoes

-       Hockey Gloves

-       6 Hockey Sticks (some will be used as obstacles)

-       Road Hockey Balls

-       Tennis Balls

-       Golf Balls

-       Other Balls (rubber, Lacrosse Balls, Reaction Balls)

-       Pylons/Cones

-       Hockey Net (or anything that can serve as a net)

-       20 Hockey Pucks

-       Bucket

-       Hockey Tape

-       Chalk

-       As well as all your regular hockey equipment

-       A good working computer with high speed internet

Doing The Exercises and Drills

Each day there will be drill posted.  Do each drill for at least 5 minutes.  Each day you should be training your skills for at least 15 minutes total.  The program is specifically designed for you to be able to do the drills from your home/school yard/parking lot.  Over 90 % of the drills showed can be done on the ice as well.

Following the Videos

Each training video clearly describes the Focus of The Drill, Items Used, Skills Worked, Tips, Related to the Game of Hockey for the demonstrated drill. You may jot down the drill or follow it straight from the video.  Watch the video as many times as needed to ensure that you completely understand how to do the drill and its intended purposes.  

Participate and Interact

The site will have ongoing contests, challenges, games, polls, giveaways, discussions and other interactive modules. By participating in the community, you will give yourself the best opportunity to learn from the pros and use the site to the maximum benefit.


Continue to follow the iHockeyTrainer team through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and stay atop of the latest news and upcoming events.

Use the Entire Site

IHockeyTrainer is organized into specific areas of interest.  Be sure to check each area, such as ‘Nutrition’ or ‘Scouts’ to get the latest expert advice. The site is specifically designed to ensure that its’ members get a comprehensive education necessary to succeed in the game of hockey.

Contact iHockeyTrainer

Should you have any questions, feedback, problems, or other matters, contact the iHockeyTrainer team.  Contact info is located on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Missing a Day

If you miss a day or two do not worry.  You will be able to go back, for a maximum of two weeks,  in your training calendar to watch the videos you may have missed. 

Get Out There!

After you have viewed and understand the videos, get out there and give them a try.  Challenge your skills.  Do the exercises with a partner, teammate or parent (yes Dad’s can do the drills too!). 

If possible, videotape your progress.  You may be able to notice your own strengths and weaknesses.  You may also be able to post your own videos that will be assessed by the iHockeyTrainer team.

Use the Site and Make an Effort to:


What hockey 'term' is the most over-used today??>
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