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How to Improve your Hockey Skills & Learn from the Pros, Drills, Exercises Advice & More
Want to improve your hockey skills? Skate faster? Score more goals? All from your local gym or at home? i Hockey Trainer will provide daily hockey dri



Hockey Book Review: Hockey Dad - True Confessions..By Bob McKenzie - TSN Insider - Helping Parents i...

What are some of the issues that players & parents deal with in minor hockey? What is a good book to read for a hockey parent? This iHockey Trainer

About iHockeyTrainer.com, Profession Players, Daniel Tkaczuk, Coaches, Training, Development

What is iHockeyTrainer.com? Who are they? What have they done? Where have they played? iHockeyTrainer is created by Daniel Tkaczuk, Calgary Flames fi

The iHockeyTrainer Mission

What is iHockey Trainer all about? Why is the this online hockey school the best reason to help improve the key skills required to play sport? The i

Frequent, Questions, Hockey, Trainer, Web, Site, Common, Answers, Easy to Use

Why should I become a member? What are the benefits of iHockeyTrainer? What is included with my membership? In our FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions p

Contact i Hockey Trainer for questions about improving your hockey skills

Contact iHockeyTrainer LTD for any questions about the training, education, website, accounts, that you may have. If you wish to have us call you abo

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Does iHockeyTrainer work? Will it help a player better his/her game? iHockeyTrainer has already proven to be a great aid for those wishing to better

Using the iHockeyTrainer Website to Help You Become a Better Hockey Player

How do I use the iHockeyTrainer website? How do I get an account? What happens if I miss a day? Answers to all your questions can be found here.

iHockeyTrainer Partners

Here is a list of companies, groups and idividuals that iHockeyTrainer is proud to work with.




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Where should I look on the internet for hockey information? What websites compliment iHockeyTrainer? You can follow iHockeyTrainer through Twitter,




Latest Trends, News, Issues, & Topics being discussed in the World of Hockey- Nov 2010

What news is around the rinks in November 2010? What are the latest trends and discussions in the hockey world? iHockey Trainer takes a look at some

What Every Hockey Player & Family Should be Doing This November- A Checklist For Success

What should you be doing to be the best hockey player this November? What are some of the issues that arise during this time of year that players, p

Kovalchuk Benched, Devils, Challenge, Hockey, Player, Value, Compromise

Should the New Jersey Devils benched Ilya Kovalchuk, their star player? Who is to blame? Are there any possible solutions? iHockeyTrainer takes a l


Leafs, Predictions, Hockey, Toronto, Season 10/11, Skill, Depth, Lack of Scoring, Identity, Burke

Do you Think the Leafs will make the playoffs? Do they Have enough skill to compete? Here is a further look into why the Leafs will have a tough sea

Can Architecture Help Sports and Recreation?

Can architectural design and innovation change sports? Can hockey rinks be built in highly populated urban areas? The city of Toronto is putting for

Getting Prepared for a Year Of Hockey. Preparation Techniques & Habits To Get Ready To Play

How does a player properly prepare for a season of hockey? What can a parent do to help a son/daughter get ready for hockey? Our blog has questions

Hockey in The Movies, Film, Entertainment, Media, Fun, iHockeyTrainer, Shows, Fun

Are there any good hockey movies? Why are hockey movies not that popular? Are there any good movies that the family can watch? Our blog will show s

Getting More Ice Time In Hockey, iHockeyTrainer, Advice From the Pros

How do you get more ice time? What can a player do? What is the right and wrong way to do this? Ice time during a game is by far one of the biggest

The iHockey Trainer Experience, Your Online Hockey School, Get Better Every Day, Skills, Drills, Tip...

Want to take your hockey skills to the next level? Want to learn directly from the prod that play the game? Are you bored with the same old training

iHockeyTrainer is Now Blogging!!!

iHockeyTrainer is Now Blogging!!!

What hockey 'term' is the most over-used today??>
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